The Timbro Advantage

Most construction projects can efficiently and effectively utilize the Timbro Design Build method. Timbro’s total responsibility for your project, from initial planning and site selection, to your occupancy, can offer the following unsurpassed advantages.

1. Single Source Responsibility

An in-house design service providing a single source of responsibility. This increases our ability to respond in a timely fashion, eliminates confusion as to who has responsibility for the design and construction and reduces consultant’s fees. Our AutoCad (2012) provides quick, accurate designs easily transferable through email.

From project conception right through to occupancy, Timbro’s total responsibility provides the owner with a single source for all aspects of the project. A co-operative team is formed for your project to eliminate the counter-productive relationship of client/architect/contractor.

2. Experience

100+ years in construction and 40+ years of design/build experience go into each project. We have the ability to involve all members of the construction team from engineers to subcontractors, in order to construct an economical building.

3. Guaranteed Costs

Project costs are established early and guaranteed BEFORE extensive design and detailing are performed, thereby eliminating the need for expensive redesign, lost time and frustration.

Once the scope of the project is established, the owner does not pay for design errors or omissions. Contract price adjustments are only made if the owner makes a change to the scope of work or for unknown conditions.

4. Phased Design & Construction

Contracts are set-up in phases allowing the owner the opportunity to terminate the process, should the project be faced with obstacles or should the owner not be satisfied with our performance.

5. Early Occupancy of Facility

Design/build construction allows the owner an opportunity to “fast track” the design and construction process to obtain earlier deliveries and quicker occupancy.

6. Quality, Value & Integrity

Early involvement in the design stage allows for maximum impact on planning and the best opportunity to control costs. All materials and subtrades are selected based on quality, performance, integrity and reliability, NOT JUST PRICE. Competitive bidding on materials and subtrades ensures the owner is receiving maximum value for their construction dollar.

7. Performance Specifications

Timbro provides a detailed and complete performance specification which eliminates confusion and misunderstandings and are easily understood.

8. Total Quality Management

Timbro employs a “Total Quality Management” program to improve the value of our service to our clients. TQM improves efficiencies; achieves consistency of product; meets or exceeds customer requirements; develops better communication with suppliers, subcontractors, employees and customers; improves customer satisfaction; develops a disciplined business management system; achieves seamless project completion; sets high standards in all aspects of our business dealings; maintains a continuous improvement program; and establishes a venue for regular reviews of our performance and management. Our TQM program is available for your perusal.

9. Value Engineering

Timbro’s professionals are trained to work with you as a team to maximize the value you receive from your investment, optimizing the design to your needs. Value Engineering is a key component of our “Total Quality Management” program. It is added value to all of our projects. We employ Value Engineering in choosing traditional and/or building system construction materials. We use Value Engineering throughout the complete design process.

10. Errors & Omission

Timbro’s in-house designers are insured for errors and omissions insurance. This compliments Timbro’s insurance coverage and protects you through better risk management.

11. Independent Inspections

Timbro uses independent inspectors to determine soil bearing capacity, backfill compaction densities, concrete strength and steel building erection quality and completeness. These inspectors provide assurance that the Timbro value has been achieved.

12. In-House Building Erection

Timbro has completed over 200 Butler steel building systems ranging in size from several 100 SF to 310,000 SF. We are experienced in your size of project and can give you the benefit of quality, reliable service. Choosing a Butler system reduces the construction cycle time by eliminating several trades and suppliers.

We employ our own erection crew which gives us control over the speed of erection and the quality of workmanship.

13. Durable Floors

Timbro is well known for flat, durable floors. The key is in our design and quality control.

14. Crane Experience

Timbro is experienced in designing and constructing buildings requiring crane support systems. Crane classifications, wheel loads, bridge and hoist speeds, bridge types, overhead, underslung, jib, manually controlled, electrically controlled, radio controlled, etc. greatly affect building designs and costs. Crane rail design and fastening methods, crane brackets, crane columns, fixed or pinned columns and connections are all critical to a project.

Timbro has designed and built many crane buildings up to 75 tonne in capacity and spanning up to 100 feet.

15. Gold Seal Certification

We employ Gold Seal Certified Construction Managers, Estimators and Superintendents which provides you with assurance of our experience and abilities. The Gold Seal Certificate recognizes achieving the construction industries’ highest qualification standard.

16. Proven Safety Reliability

Timbro office and field staff are well trained in safety. Our policy is well documented and enforced through regular safety committee meetings and on-site training sessions. We are active participants in the Ontario General Contractors Safety Group. As a result, we have an excellent reputation for safe work, resulting in reduced WSIB costs through significant performance rewarding rebates that reduce construction costs. Safety is strictly enforced with all of our subcontractors and suppliers. Our clients are rewarded with better projects without delays or fines caused by Ministry of Labour safety enforcement. We are COR certified by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association.

17. Reliable Scheduling

We regularly employ “Microsoft Project” to plan, schedule and monitor our design and construction progress. We understand that deadlines need to be satisfied and that your “bottom line” improves every day that you can occupy your building.

18. Access to Resources

Timbro belongs to the Jack Miller Network which stands for a group of contractors dedicated to win/win sharing of experience, knowledge and new technology. The network’s goal is to help each member to be the best that they can be. That’s the kind of contractor you want building your important project!

19. 2 Year Warranty

Timbro offers a 2 year labour and material warranty on all projects where all payments have been made to us in accordance with all of our payment terms



J. Oskam Steel Fabricators Ltd. is a Timbro Industrial Warehouse Project.


Welland Toyota is a Timbro Commercial/Retail Building Project.


Chapman's is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.