Sustainable Design

At Timbro, we know that sustainability has become a top priority for government, businesses and the general public. IDEAL BUILDINGS OF THE FUTURE ARE BEING BUILT TODAY! We are committed to helping our clients understand their environmental challenges. Our attention to sustainability in the built environment includes green building, LEED consulting, green infrastructure, materials durability, energy modeling, natural light simulation, carbon footprinting, alternative energy design and building commissioning.

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We encourage buildings to meet the established criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency, creating healthier environments by using high performance technologies such as:

  • •  Green roof
  • •  Tight building envelope
  • •  Building energy management systems
  • •  Leading HVAC and lighting technology
  • •  Water reclamation systems (80% or less water usage)
  • •  Low volatile organic components (VOC) materials
  • •  Antimicrobial surfaces

Advantages in building a Healthier, Sustainable building include:

  • •  Less operating expense, recovers investment in the event up-front costs are more high performance
  • •  Healthier, green buildings
  • •  Integrated design lowers ongoing operating costs
  • •  Better buildings = better employee productivity
  • •  New technologies enhance health and well being
  • •  Healthier buildings can reduce liability
  • •  Tenants costs can be significantly reduced
  • •  Property value will increase
  • •  Financial incentive programs
  • •  Communities notice your efforts
  • •  Using best practices yields more predictable results

Green buildings embody a design intent to balance environmental responsiveness, resource efficiency, cultural and community sensitivity, with financial return on investment.

Timbro is committed to constructing Healthier, Sustainable buildings and will provide a single point of contact for all your sustainable solutions.

We work with you to balance cost and benefits.



J. Oskam Steel Fabricators Ltd. is Sustainable Design Project.


Welland Toyota is a Timbro Sustainable Design Project.


Forthcoming Timbro Sustainable Design Project to be announced!