For 35+ years, Timbro has been designing and constructing refrigerated structures. These structures have varied from walk-in coolers/freezers to large refrigerated distribution warehouses and federally inspected process plants.

Timbro works with the owner to optimize the thermal envelope choosing the panel and door system most appropriate for the client. We have extensive experience with Bally, Kingspan, Metlspan, and VicWest panels and Jamison Cold Storage doors and have combined these panel and door systems with either conventional steel or steel building systems. Timbro has designed floor systems to maintain the thermal envelope utilizing electrical, vented air and glycol systems.

Our refrigeration experts look at the various options available for the refrigeration equipment most appropriate for you. In addition, Timbro has considerable experience in quick chilling for high efficiency food service operations and for conformance with the hazard analysis critical control (HACCP) requirements in the food industry.

As a Design/Build Contractor, we are experienced in installing various storage systems utilizing racking, hangers, shelving and conveyors and, have been involved with spiral freezers and coolers.

We are familiar with various types of manufacturers of doors for refrigerated structures including single-sliders, bi-parters, and overhead with various methods of operation such as hydraulic and electric.

Timbro’s team of experienced engineers and management professionals will handle every phase of your construction project from concept to finished project, assuring you high quality workmanship on time and on budget. You can rely on us as your supplier/installer of panel, door, and refrigeration components.



A&P is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.


Invitrogen is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.


Chapman's Ice Cream is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.