Project and Construction Management

The main difference between Project Management and Construction Management is that in Project Management, we have responsibility for all the design aspects of a project. In Construction Management, the owner has hired a separate entity to provide the design.

Timbro is comfortable in acting as either a Project Manager or a Construction Manager. In either case, we act as a member of our client’s team, assuming overall responsibility for the building of the project. Our experience allows us to maximize the effectiveness of front end planning so problems can be minimized during execution. This process includes preparing bid packages, awarding contracts, procuring materials and establishing construction costs. We have completed Management projects either “at risk” or “not at risk”. “At risk” is where we determine a construction cost and guarantee it. When we’re “not at risk”, we work purely for a fee with no guarantee. The “not at risk” is usually done on projects where timing is critical, fast-tracking essential and sometimes are converted to “at risk” management contracts by developing a guaranteed construction cost as the project proceeds.

Timbro’s contacts and positive relationships in the industry ensure our customers receive quality, competitive construction work from subtrades and suppliers.

Project Management and Construction Management are often very similar to Design / Build. Over the last few years, Timbro has completed many successful Project Management jobs for companies such as: Palfinger Industries; Eurocopter; DMI Industries; Seaway Mall; JTL Machine; and Trenergy.

The Management approach, whether it be Construction Management or Project Management, uses the best ideas from all team members working in a co-operative spirit, resulting in quality jobs completed on time and within budget.



J. Oskam Steel Fabricators Ltd. is a Timbro Industrial/Warehouse Project.


Welland Toyota is a Timbro Commercial/Retail Building Project.


Chapman's is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.