About Us

About Our Company

For 4 generations, since 1910, the Timms family has proven to be a leading design builder of quality-focused industrial, commercial/retail, and refrigerated/food processing buildings.

Timbro is a full service Design Build Contractor servicing Southern Ontario since 1974. When it comes to building capabilities, we refuse to be put in a box.

From site selection, to preliminary drawings, to final design and construction, we can handle every phase of your next building project. You only need to communicate with one source and you always know who is accountable.

Talk is cheap, but performance requires dedication. Our dedication to quality, value and customer service shows in everything we do. We strive to exceed expectations by carefully listening, thoughtfully planning, and flawlessly executing down to the smallest detail. This way we can ensure that your new building will perform at the highest possible level for many years to come. We’ll tell it to you straight and get the job done, on time and within budget. That’s high performance building!

Build on our experience! 100+ years in construction and 40+ years of unmatched design build experience go into each project.

Company Philosophy

Honesty and integrity will be the cornerstone of all our dealings with clients, employees, suppliers, and subcontractors.

By living with this philosophy, we expect to generate a fair profit, resulting in a fair return for shareholders and a reasonable re-investment for future company growth.


This company is dedicated towards providing an overwhelming level of service, thereby achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We are a people and market driven organization, providing value added selling.

Value added selling refers to the high level of performance and service provided to our clients after the project has been sold and after the project has been completed.

Sustainable building design options will be an integrable feature of value.

Treat Our Employees Fairly

We will aggressively develop a challenging, exciting and rewarding work environment where individual initiative , competence and dedication is rewarded and individual growth in technical skills and interpersonal skills is encouraged and supported. We will demand a high level of value, quality and service from our employees in return for equitable compensation.

Treat Our Suppliers and Subcontractors Fairly

We will expect that the business between ourselves, suppliers and subcontractors be conducted in a professional and ethical manner. We will demand high value, quality and service from all suppliers and subcontractors and, in return, provide equitable compensation.


We will develop, maintain, improve and enforce a corporate safety policy and philosophy that is committed to the safety and welfare of the people involved in all our projects including the customer, subcontractors and our employees and contract workers.

Make An Adequate Return On Investment

Every company, to survive, must make a reasonable return on investment. Every company that performs a service well and offers a good product is entitled to be fairly paid. This applies equally to ourselves, our subcontractors and our suppliers.



J. Oskam Steel Fabricators Ltd. is a Timbro Industrial/Warehouse Project.


Welland Toyota is a Timbro Commercial/Retail Building Project.


Chapman's is a Timbro Food Plants and Refrigeration Project.